29 Oct2015
Conversion <br />Optimization


Optimizing your website to get you full-fledged reality deals

The real deal of the website performance and the deal of the profit lies in the conversion optimization. Conversion optimization includes Analytics Reporting, Usability Analysis and Landing Page Optimization.

Getting huge traffic to your website is only the half way through the goal achievement; converting those visits into the sales will be the ultimate achievement in gaining the profits.

Our specialists employ a combination of A/B Multivariate Split Testing Methodologies to determine which conversion paths are working effectively and which pages need refinement. In other words, we can determine which pages, titles, subtitles, images and text have the greatest appeal to your visitors based on click analysis, time on the page, conversions, and then use that feedback to improve performance.

However, A/B split testing can be tiresome and must be done constantly to improve conversions. It must be done right so numbers are not skewed. Surge SEO now offers full service conversion packages to help your business grow without going out to get more traffic to your site. This is what’s included in our services:

  • We analyze your site and immediately start split testing different elements on the webpage
  • We continue the process over 3 months to increase conversions on your website/landing page/banner
  • We use tested methods and known secrets to increase conversion rates. With our experience and knowledge, some of the guessing game is eliminated.
  • We work with your website design and redesign elements free of charge to optimize them for maximum conversions.
  • We continuously monitor the conversion process until the 3 months are over. We guarantee an increase in your conversion rate. If you don’t, your money is refunded without question.


  • Improved website conversion rates
  • Increase in website landing page
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment rates
  • Higher average order size
  • Complete Campaign and website multivariate and A/B Testing
  • Optimized Website analytics evaluation and recommendations