28 Oct2015
Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

Would you like to have an online learning module created for your company? We can help. Indobytes specializes in e-Learning development. The ultimate result of our Interactive Learning development process is that an individual can apply what he or she has learned throughout our interactive modules. When developing these modules, our Interactive Learning developer staff focuses on what the audience is going to experience and how we can make that experience comfortable and engaging.

Indobytes builds custom interactive e-learning applications. We have vast experience of early learning & key stage educational software development, designing & coding numerous computer-based training software systems that enable clients to generate unique e-learning content easily & quickly.

Our journey through e-learning content has always been based on innovation. Indobytes is always coming up with new & better ways to deliver interactive learning to people of all ages. E-learning solutions from us are designed in a variety of formats such as:

  • Computer based training (CBT)
  • Web based training (WBT)
  • Self-paced learning tutorials
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online courses
  • Product Tutorials
  • Online Product Demos

Our Interactive Learning developers provide creative and interactive courses that fit your requirements. We consider your learning objectives, audience expectations and motivations to develop e-learning courses that will best get your message across. Working within your budget and specifications, our talented Interactive learning developers can create stimulating and interactive courses that your students will enjoy learning from.

With the ability to make simulations interactive, your institution will know that the user is committed to the lesson which leads to greater retention of covered material. Additionally, our Interactive learning modules accommodate different learning styles through audio, visual graphics, testing and printable exercises with PDF downloadable files for extra practice.

Indobytes put the ability to engineer content into the hands of the experts (illustrators, authors and editors), who were able to instantly create robust interactive content with no technical knowledge at all. Development cycles for educational software were reduced from months to weeks and sometimes even days.