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Lesson #4 -

2 essential Digital Marketing Strategies

Social Media Strategy

To enhance your Law Firm’s online presence and generate more legal leads, Social Media Marketing is the key. It’s a known fact that the future of marketing any business online is social media. Law firms and Attorneys are no exception. It’s the smartest way to gain more traffic to your law firm website and generate leads.

Why use Social Media for Law Firms?
  • Get more visibility and traffic to your Law Firm Website
  • Consistent social media presence fetches Referrals
  • Stay connected with your existing and potential clients
Social Media Marketing Process:

1.Choose the Right platform:

Online Law Firm Marketing starts with choosing the right platform that helps you reach and connect to your audience. The three most significant social media platform for attorneys are:


It’s the largest social media network and is ideal for any type of business. As a Law Firm you can create a facebook business page to generate leads and stay connected with your potential clients.


It’s a photo sharing website and mobile app. You can share image and video content regarding your Law Firm and its practice areas.


Many attorneys are taking good advantage of Google+ because the content created in Google+ also have better chances to be featured in search results. You can improve your Legal Practice, boost visibility and generate more legal leads.


Linkedin helps in building trust and authority. As it is a business networking site, you can connect to fellow attorneys, Law Firms and also find new clients.


It’s a micro-blogging site where you can post updates about your Law Firm regularly. Twitter is one of the most popular social media network with all sections of people. Marketing on Twitter is another way to generate more legal leads.

2. Develop Strategy:

Firstly, develop a social media strategy with your Law Firm’s goal and practice areas as center. Ask your self the following questions.

  • Who type of leads are you looking for?
  • What are your primary practice areas and how to communicate it to your potential clients?
  • What kind of content you need to create in order to promote your Law Firm?
  • When and on what platforms your content will be published?

Create Content:

Success on social media depends on creating engaging content for your Audience. Try to convey what you do in the most effective way possible. Understand your customer’s pain points and create content that grabs people’s attention.

Make sure your content is original, unique and relevant to your practice areas. Post different formats of content (text, images, videos) as often as possible.

Schedule and Automate:

Make a schedule. Stay active and post regularly. Consistency is the key to success on social media.

There are automation tools like Hootsuite, Buffer etc to schedule your social media posts. You can create content for a week or month and schedule them using these tools.

Engage your Audience:

Posting regularly is not enough. Being active on social media is to build relationships and engage with fellow attorneys and Law Firms. There are many ways to do it:

  • Comment on other Law Firm’s posts
  • Participate in Legal Discussions
  • Share your content in Legal groups
  • Answer Legal queries
  • Appreciate fellow attorney’s achievements

Monitor your Progress:

Time-to-time keep track of your social media performance. Check your Post reach and engagement count. If you are not getting expected response, analyse the reasons and act upon them. Keep improving for better with better content and smarter strategy.

Paid Media Advertising Strategy:

The fastest way to enhance your digital marketing strategies is via Paid Media Advertising. Online Advertising costs lesser than the traditional advertising. Consider these top Paid Advertising Strategies to boost your online Legal Marketing.


1.Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC has always been an effective Paid Media Strategy. It’s an online advertising model in which you pay the publisher when your ad is clicked. Usually PPC advertising is associated with search engines like Google.

It is said that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to visit your website than the organic visitors.

2.Social Media Ads

Today, Social Media is revolutionising the paid media advertising with multiple options that help you to exactly target your audience with demographics, age, sex, profession, interest and many other factors. It also provides “Advertising Insights” to check the detailed analysis of your social media campaign. You can run Ad campaigns on almost every Social Media Platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

The benefits of Social Media Advertising are:
  • It boosts your reach
  • Advertise with any budget
  • Target audience
  • Enhance your Law Firm’s brand awareness
  • Generate more legal leads and website traffic

3.Display Ads (Banner Ads)

Display ads are those rectangular ads you see often on sides, top and bottom of a website. Banner ads are not just displayed on desktop but also on mobile phones and tablets. This is the most effective and a proven technique in Paid Media Advertising.

4.Text Ads

Text Ads have a heading, description and display URL. These are the sponsored Ads which show on top of the Search Engines with a token ‘Ad’ as shown below.

5.Ad Retargeting

Ad Retargeting is a new paid media technique which is gaining popularity for its sound results. It utilises cookies on website to track online user activity and displays ads that are relevant to it. Generally, retargeting is most effective for websites with high traffic.

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