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Lesson #1 :

3 Essential Features of every successful Law Firm Website

If you are thinking of building a perfect website for your Law Firm or If you already have one, make sure it has these three essential features. They are :

  • Intuitive because
    • 1. Users find it easy to Navigate
    • 2. It’s easy to understand Who you are and What you do
  • Responsive because
    • 1. It fits any screen (Mobile, Tablet and Laptop)
    • 2. Users find it easy to access your website from anywhere
  • Search Engine Optimized because
    • 1. It helps your customers to easily find you online
    • 2. It helps you to stand out from your competitors

How to do it?

Intuitive Website:

To make your website intuitive it should have a stunning, yet simple design layout. The website should be preferably designed with the following elements.


Home Page: The Home page should reflect your main strengths (preferably with a hero image and a tagline), Who you are and What you do. It should also show your contact details and social media links upfront so that getting in touch with you becomes easier.


Search: The Header should have a search tab to search any part or content in your website. It’s a quick navigation to anywhere within your website.

Navigation: The pages in your website should be listed on the header. It’s not necessary to show every page there is, but at least the important pages that needs your customer’s attention.

Contact: Display your contact information (Phone number or Email address) in the header so that it is always visible and helps your customers reach out to you easily.

Consultation: If you provide FREE consultation, it’s is preferred to mention it on the header. Having a button that directs to consultation page (contact form to grab customer details) captures users’ attention.

Social Media: Display the list of icons of your active social media accounts which when clicked should redirect to that specific platform.


Map & Address: Display your Law Firm’s contact details, address and map in the footer section. If your practice is in more than one city, mention the list of cities.

Social Media: Display the list of icons of your active social media accounts which when clicked should redirect to that specific platform. Yes! We do it in the header section as well.

Site Map: Site Map is the list of all pages that your website has. It is a list of links, categorized cleanly which act as shortcuts to any page of your website.

About Us: Here you can write about your Firm’s history, How it all started, What you do and your Law Firm’s missions/goals/achievements. It’s essentially about Who you are. It can be a brief story about your Law Firm.

Attorney Profiles: This Page should have the profiles of your firm’s attorneys. You can display their photograph with a brief about their work experience, specialization and bio.

Practice Areas: This page should have an in-depth description about your firm’s practice areas. It is better if you have video explanations about the practices and How you help your clients. To every Practice Area, add your winning cases, client testimonials and also mention the list of cities you serve.

Awards and Reviews: Display the list of awards, ratings and other achievements of your firm.

Blog: An up-to-date blog with Legal information about your Law Firm’s Practice areas will not only educate your visitors but also help in content marketing. A Blog page plays a crucial role in a website’s ranking.

Testimonials: Homepage should have a section (preferably a slider) of testimonials from your positive clients. It builds trust and leaves a positive impression for the visitor.
It’s a good idea to have Video testimonials in your website to win trust from your clients and customers.

Contact Page: This page has a contact form, your primary contact details like phone number, email address, Firm’s location and map.

Intake Form: Having a intake form in the lower sections of your Homepage will make it easy for the visitor to get in touch with you. You can collect the visitor’s details such as name, email address, case details and contact details.

Live Chat : Contact form is a traditional method to grab a visitor details. They do work but not as effectively as the latest trend – Live Chat. A Live Chat urges the visitor to contact because he knows that he will get an instant reply.

Additional: Additionally, you can have FAQs section to help your visitors about the most common questions asked in your practice areas. You can also have a list of your Firm’s victories – Your Success Stories as a page or section.

Responsive Website:

A Responsive Website fits into any screen. As most of the visitors browse your website on their smart phones, it is necessary that your website is mobile friendly. We can make a website mobile friendly by having a responsive design and high mobile-speed.

Design: The website has to be designed in a responsive layout so that it easily adjusts itself to fit into small screen.

Speed: You can test your existing website’s mobile speed here. Google developed a new technology for mobile devices called the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page). The main aim of this technology is to help website load faster on mobile devices. So, to improve your websites speed on mobile, implement AMP.

Search Engine Optimized:

To make your website search engine friendly, you have to understand how search engines like Google work. Search Engines are robots that crawl through every piece of you website’s content and images. It shows up your site when a user searches for relevant information. So, the key is to understand the keywords (most commonly searched words by the users) and embed them in your content. This is called Search Engine Optimization.


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