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Lesson #5 -

Significance of Live chat & Video Testimonials

Live Chat

Who doesn’t love a quick response? Today’s world is much comfortable to chat with someone to clarify their quieries as soon as possible. They don’t want to wait on a phone call, or wait for an email response. They want a quick chat with an expert.

In recent years, Live Chat has proven to be a successful Ad-on to Law Firm Websites as it accelerates the process of generating leads. Usually when visitors check your Law Firm website, they need a quick legal advice. When your website visitors doesn’t get the information they need, they switch to another Law Firm. So, in many cases Live Chat holds the visitors and turns them into your potential clients.

Two big Benefits of Live Chat :

  • 1.Customer Satisfaction: As the Live Chat gives an instant response to the hesitant visitor, it makes him happy.
  • 2.Increase in Conversion factor: If Live chat is managed properly, it boosts conversions as you instantly answer the customer queries.

To Remember:

Live Chat is only a success when it is handled carefully. When you are opting for a Live chat service, remember the following points.

  • Who Answers?

Make sure that the person who manages your Live chat has Legal knowledge or at least familiar with the Practice areas of your Law Firm and about its FAQs. Because he might need to face customer’s legal queries. When a question is not answered with the right information, you take the risk of missing a potential client.

So, it is better to choose a Chat Services like Ngage, ApexChat etc that especially serve attorneys.

  • Set Rules

Not everything is said on a Live Chat. Set your own rules to how much should you say in a Live Chat and when exactly you have to direct the customer to an expert attorney of your Law Firm. If you are outsourcing chat functionality, state clear guidelines about the answers they are permitted to provide.

  • Pricing

The Pricing of the Chat services depends on various factors. Some services are Free, some services provide only the software and some provide borth: the software along with the agent.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is showing up incredible results recently. Videos convey more information and if carefully crafted they can be the ultimate lead generators. There are many video production and marketing companies like Crisp that are especially for Attorneys and Law Firms. You can create videos that:

Explain about your Law Firm:

You can craft a video that explains a brief about what your Law Firm is about, your Practice areas and the locations you serve. Tell the story of your Law Firm in a compelling way highlighting the strengths and goals.

Explain about a specific Practice Area:

Give details about your Practice Area. The case process, its rules, exceptions and in-detail information which is breakdown into simpler bits so that your website visitors can easily digest.

Video Testimonials from your winning clients:

Make a short video testimonial from the clients that were a success. These build great trust on your Law Firm and eventually help in generating leads.